Event Calendar for August 2019

19:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 2 32:00 pmHustle Crash Course w/ Robert Vance NYC5:30 pmGotham SOUL MEMBER DAY - Gotham Swing Club Monthly Dance Party NYC 412:00 pmSwing Crash Course NYC - Learn-in-a-day for Beginners @YSBD
57:00 pmJAZZ HAUS Swing Mondays at Hofbrau Bierhaus NYC 66:30 pm*NEW* FREE SUNSET Salsa @Pier 45/Hudson River NYC9:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice Session w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice @ 412 8th Ave 79:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 89:00 pmPedro Giraudo Tango Quartet @ Terraza 7 / Elmhurst, QueensFrim Fram Jam 9 101:00 pmSalsa Crash Course in NYC w/ Jason Myra3:00 pmHustle Beyond the Basics with Robert Vance NYC 111:00 pmfrom Charleston to Lindy Hop w/Guest Artist Bobby White NYC2:00 pmArgentine Tango Crash for Couples & Singles w/ Audrey Martinez NYC
12 139:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice Session w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice - NOW at 412 8th Ave (YSBD!) 149:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays10:30 pm*NEW* George Gee's Swing BAND debut at the Django, Roxy Hotel Tribeca NYC 159:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 16 172:00 pmHustle Intermediate w/ Robert Vance NYC 185:30 pmDavid Berger Orchestra at Birdland NYC
19 207:30 pmTango Milonga @ the Django/the Roxy w/ Pedro Giraudo Quartet Tribeca NYC9:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice Session w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice 217:00 pmRugcutter Wednesdays w/ Carol Fraser&LISS @Charlottes Speakeasy Farmingdale LI9:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 229:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 239:30 pmGeorge Gee Swing Orchestra @SWING46 NYC 242:00 pmHustle Choreography Workshop w/ Robert Vance NYC8:00 pmIt's Not Just a Ballroom Dance Party NYC w/host Gene Eagle 2512:00 pmSwing Crash Course - Learn-in-a-day for Beginners1:00 pmDANCE through PLAY w/ Swing Champ Bobby White NYC
26 277:30 pmArgentine Tango - Weekly Intermediate Level w/ Rebecca Shulman9:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice...held at 412 8tlh Ave 289:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 299:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 309:00 pmCandela Fridays Salsa Dura Party NYC9:30 pmRon Sunshine @ SWING46 NYC 3111:00 amTango: Back-to-Back Practicas w/ Mariela & Rebecca Every Saturday NYC3:00 pmSpins, Turns and Pivots: Technique w/ Robert Vance NYC6:00 pmCentral Park Tango - FREE Lesson and Milonga Every Saturday thru 9/28