Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Instructors: Staff

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MONDAYS, Oct 7, 14, 21 ONLY 8-9pm
Join in on this new class with Akemi & Lewi during the October Term Only.

Familiar and comfortable with 6 count with triple steps

Compression and release is a set of techniques we use all the time in Lindy Hop. Once you learn how it works and it feels, your dancing will flow better and you can fully enjoy your partnership as you execute the moves together. We are going to exercise the technique by introducing many exciting variations of tuck turn and sugar push!

What do Sailor Kicks, The Chase (S-turn) and Hammer Lock have in common? The Tuck Turn. The Tuck turn is a basic move that has been taught at many beginner swing dance lessons. In this series, we'll be breaking down the tuck turn so that we can easily expand our repertoire of moves that we can execute on the social dance floor.
The ultimate sugar push is like butter. There is a smooth transition from compression to release. There is also room for a lot of play and creativity for both the lead and the follow.

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