Wedding "First Dance" lessons in NYC

Couples' Wedding First Dance Lessons: Private Lessons for First Dance at YSBD...! studios (412 W 8th Ave/4th flr; 212-244-0011)
or Your Location 212-807-0802 .

Dance Lessons for Wedding Couples--Wedding First Dance Lessons NYC: Private or Group Lessons for Wedding Couple's First Dance at Dance Manhattan dance Studio NYC or Your Location

First Dance Lessons - Testimonials

"He converted into a swing dancer just for me. It was the best wedding gift he could have given me... I can't thank Elena (Iannucci) enough for everything she did to make our wedding so special. Our first dance was my absolute favorite part of the whole evening!"
Lenore Welby (and Lawrence Ward)

"Thank you so much to our instructor, Jason Myra , and the wonderful dancers from our performance class who generously offered this gift of a performance at our wedding."
Mitchell & Tanya, First Dance Video: choreographed by Jason Myra, 2011, Courtesy of Bigler Productions

Other Videos- Practice Runs...a Great idea!
Tango First Dance
Choreographer: Jennifer Wesnousky

West Coast Swing First Dance
Choreographer: Sophie Cazeneuve

"We absolutely wowed our guests ... we NAILED our first dance! Everyone was absolutely amazed at what we had learned to do. We had so much fun learning to dance with
Stephanie (Shapiro)! Our weekly lessons were a lot of fun! Stephanie is an amazing instructor, choreographer, and dancer. We've even busted out some fancy moves as guests at other weddings. We look forward to refreshing our moves sometime in the near future.!!!"
David and Danielle Ettinger, July 2015

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Private Lessons, Group Classes &/or Crash Courses for Wedding Couples

It's best to prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gowns, catering, flowers and music. Start planning at least 6 months prior to your wedding date so that you can choose your special song, the type of dance you want to do, and take lessons before "wedding frenzy" sets in! But...if you find yourself in a last minute crunch...we're at your service!

Private lessons provide the best approach for First Dance preparation. They allow you to dance exclusively with your fiancee and work on choreography for your first song. They can be purchased singly, in discounted packages, or in combination with group classes ("Get it Right" Packages). A package of 10-15 lessons is recommended for those who want their wedding song choreographed but shorter packages are available for those who want a more casual approach or are short on time.

If you would also like the classroom experience where you can meet other couples and learn the basics of a number of different dances, our COUPLES ONE DAY Crash Courses are for you! (these Couples intensives are also great for after the wedding!) Wedding couples often take a combination of both, but the choice is yours!

Wedding Entertainment
Dance Lessons and/or Performances

Instruction : Call us at 212-807-0802 to inquire about having our talented instructors come out and teach lessons at your wedding. Often times the people you invite could use a little ice breaker lesson to get them away from the tables and onto the dance floor.

Performances : We'd also be happy to coordinate a couple or a group of dancers to perform at your wedding. It's a perfect form of entertainment for your guests!

Contact our Wedding Specialist at to discuss your wedding plans.

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