Pricing and Policies for Groups, Privates and Discount Packages

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Group Class & Private Lesson Pricing & Benefits at YSBD...! studios (412 8th Ave, NYC)

For large group, one-time or multi-hour classes, customized to your needs, contact Dance Manhattan at 212-807-0802.
For Weekly, Hourly Classes & Private lessons, see information below and contact YSBD at 212-244-0011.

Group Courses - 4 weeks of consecutive classes

(YSBD...! has a NO MAKE-UP policy...see CLASS card purchases below if you are interested in more flexibility)
Group Class Pricing
One Course 1 hr/wk for 4 wks $100
Two Courses 2 hrs/wk for 4 wks $160
Three or More Courses add $80 for each additional 4wk course after the first 2

*NOTE* All 4 hours of your YSBD group class must be taken within the 4 week semester in which you are registered. There are NO Make-up classes. (* Exception to the Rule: You may Drop-in to Frankie Martinez' classes anytime!)
*Important* 4-week semesters DO NOT ALWAYS COINCIDE WITH THE CALENDAR MONTH. Look for the starting dates of each 4-week term in the RED note on our home page and the Special Interest box).

Class Cards...get the flexibility to drop-in at your convenience.

Given the NO Make-Up policy, if you feel that your schedule is too erratic and doesn't allow you to keep a consistent schedule you might consider CLASS CARDS as an alternative. You can purchase these in packages as small as five. They allow you to drop-in on some classes rather than keep a regular schedule.
(Note: Entrance into a 4-week course in week's 3 or 4 is by teacher permission only. You may not be able to use your class card to drop-in under these circumstances.)

  • Available Class Card Packages*- one for every need:
    • 5 Class Card (2 month exp.) $110 ($22/class)
    • 10 Class Card (3 month exp.) $195 ($19.50/class)
    • 20 Class Card (3 month exp.) $375 ($18.75/class)
    • Pricing per class, to drop-in and try things out...$26

Private Lessons...Great for Singles, Partners or Those Getting Ready for their Wedding!

Pricing is for 55 minute lessons for up to two people; to be held at YSBD and paid prior to final confirmation and booking your instructor. The following packages are recommended for those who would love to make a commitment to learning to dance and for our Wedding Couples to prepare for their First Dance!

(Price for additional people joining the lesson: add $25 per person)

  • Book Instructors based on your ability to commit!
    • One hour (55 minutes long) $100
    • Five lessons $465 ($93/lesson; $35 savings over individually purchased lessons -- you can also purchase lessons 6-9 for the same $93/lesson)
    • Ten lessons $880 ($88/lesson; $120 savings over individually purchased lessons -- you can also purchase lessons 11-24 for the same $88/lesson)
    • Twenty-five lessons $2075 ($83/lesson; $425 savings over individually purchased lessons -- you can also purchase lessons 26-49 at the same $83/lesson)

    It is recommended that private lessons be taken once or twice per week in order to complete packages in a timely fashion. An upgrade in pricing will be applied, however, to lessons not taken which have since changed in price. Private lessons expire 6 months from date of purchase.

    *NOTE Artistic Director and most Affiliated Guest Artist fees do not adhere to this usual pricing schedule and do not offer discount pricing packages...please ask about our special or visiting instructor hourly private lessons pricing.

BIG SAVINGS... "GET IT RIGHT" Group & Private Combo Packages

A combination of group and private lessons is what we recommend as the optimal way to learn to dance at YSBD. Patterns and social dance etiquette in the groups and personalized coaching in the privates will allow you to progress quickly and gain confidence as your skills grow.

We try to make it easy and economical to do this by providing packages which combine private and group lessons at a discounted rate. These are ideal for singles and couples who want the biggest "bang for their buck" or for wedding couples getting ready for the big day!

Discounted Combination Packages
Get It Right Package A for Singles 2 Private Lessons 1 Group Course/1 month SAVINGS = $100 Discounted price = $200 Expires one month from purchase. Get It Right Package C for Singles 1 Private Lesson 5 Class Card SAVINGS = $50 Discounted price = $160 Expires two months from purchase. Get It Right Package B for Couples 2 Private Lessons 1 Group Course Each/1 Month SAVINGS = $100 Discounted price = $300 Expires one month from purchase.

There's something for everyone so ... Take the plunge ... Sieze the day ... Grab the Gold Ring!!!
Call YSBD...! @ 212-244-0011 and register NOW - tell 'em Dance Manhattan sent you!

When you do, you'll enjoy FREE or discounted admission to weeknight practice sessions and discounted admission to the monthly Mad Hot Swing n' Ballroom (2nd Fridays) and the weekly Wednesday West Coast Cafe!

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Group Class Registration Discounts

New Student Referral Discount - save $10

YSBD encourages students to share the fun and refer new students to us. Register for the next cycle of classes TOGETHER with your friend/colleague and both of you will enjoy a $10 discount off your next month's registration.

Full-time High School or College Student Discount - save 25%

If you are a full-time student, just show YSBD your current, valid student ID and you'll get this great deal!
Student discounts MAY be applied to:
. The price of a Single Group Course (can buy multiples)
. The price of a Single Private Lesson (can buy multiples)
. Class Cards
Student discounts MAY NOT be applied to:
. The Intro Package
. "Get It Right" Packages
. Workshops

Discounts cannot be combined or taken concurrently nor can they be taken with an already discounted package.

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Group Class Info & Policies

Group lessons are an excellent introduction to dances of all types and the social experience of partner dancing. They allow you to concentrate on a single dance or try out a number of different styles under the direction of a superb professional staff and in a congenial mix of students of all ages.

Over 40 group classes are offered each week in all dance styles and at all levels.

Many of these are offered in a 4-WEEK SERIES, with classes moving ahead progressively over the 4-week series. It is recommended that students registering for these progressive classes take all 4 weeks in sequence...there are NO MAKE UP classes offered. Those who would like to "drop-in" to these classes are permitted to do so in weeks 1 & 2 only. Drop-ins thereafter are by permission of the instructor only. Those taking these 4-week series, may purchase them for $90 per person for the entire 4-weeks. Discounts are offered for 2 or more 4-week courses taken simultaneously - click the pricing link below for more details on these great multi-course deals!

Other classes are offered as DROP-INS. Some experience in the dance style is recommended for these classes but you can drop-in anytime. The pricing for these begins at $26 per person, per class. Discounted Class cards of 5, 10 or 20 are also available - click the pricing link below for more details.

Most of our group classes ROTATE PARTNERS consistently and students are given the opportunity to practice their steps with others throughout the class. This accomplishes two things- you get used to dancing with different partners, honing your skills for the social dance scene, and you get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends that can last a lifetime ... or for 3 minutes at a time, whichever you prefer!

COUPLES that DO NOT wish to rotate partners should pursue our classes/workshops, which are identified as "Couples Only" or "Couples Welcome", or Private Lessons.

Click here for Pricing
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Private Lesson Info & Policies
Great Focus for Singles, Partners and Wedding Preparation!

Private lessons are available in all styles and levels of dance with any of YSBD...!'s professional staff. This intense, personalized attention gives you the opportunity to focus on mastering footwork, styling and technique. You may share your lessons with a partner (one leader, one follower) at no additional fee! These are recommended for our Wedding Couples, providing the perfect opportunity for them to focus on their First Dance.

Private Lessons are 55 minutes long and do not guarantee a private room. There are no REFUNDS or EXCHANGES on private lessons. Once booked, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required in order to reschedule a lesson and avoid a full charge for that lesson. Discounts on private lessons are available with the purchase of multi-lesson packages. Benefits increase as you purchase more lessons, with the price per lesson decreasing as you reach 5, 10, and 25 lessons. Private lessons expire one year from the date of purchase.

Hours for Private Lessons

Private lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on the instructor's availability and your convenience. Appointments may be scheduled at your convenience any day after noon:

  • Weekdays: noon to 10pm
  • Saturdays: noon to approximately 6 or 7pm
  • Sundays: noon to 4 or 5pm - but closing times vary

General Policies and Procedures for Private Lessons

  • Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, the same instructor cannot always be guaranteed throughout the duration of a package...another just-as-wonderful instructor will be available to continue to work with you!
  • A private lesson guarantees a private instructor, but not a private room
  • Private lessons are 55 minutes long
  • It is recommended private lessons be taken at least once or twice per week in order to complete packages in a timely fashion. An upgrade in pricing will be applied, however, to lessons not taken which have since changed in price.
  • Private lessons expire 6 months from date of purchase

  • Click here for Pricing
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    One-Day Crash Courses and Workshops

    Swing, Salsa, Balboa, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Collegiate Shag,and Blues.

    One-Day Crash Courses and Workshops are an excellent way for dancers to learn the basics or specific styles of dance. They take place in a single day, over an extended period of time. Although sometimes held on weeknights they more often occur on weekends. This can be an excellent opportunity to study for people with schedules that do not permit attendance at consecutive, weekly evening classes or for those who want to review their basics!

    The One-Day Crash Course, pioneered at Dance Manhattan, is a marathon for basic students. Crash courses currently offered include Swing, Salsa, Balboa, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Collegiate Shag, and Blues. These are taught by a line-up of great instructors and require partners to rotate throughout the day.

    Also on the Crash Course schedule are "Couples Only" or "Couples Welcome" Crash Courses allow Couples to dance exclusively together if they choose. (They additionally welcome those who want to sign up as a single and will rotate these students thoughout the day.) Highlighted during these crash courses are a variety of ballroom topics including ballroom favorites such as: Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, American Tango, Rumba and other fun favorites thrown in for good measure! Check our Event Calendar for specific dates and times.

    Each of the one-day Crash courses meets from 2 to 3 1/2 hours. They offer an exciting and progressive introduction to the basics while providing new material for those with moderate experience who may come back month-after-month. These learn-in-a-day courses offer a great "taste" of dance at a very modest price.

    One-day Intensives with our talented instructors for the more accomplished dancer are offered from time to time in Swing, Tango, Salsa, West Coast, Balboa, Blues, Collegiate Shag and Ballroom dances. These one-time workshops in a specific topic/dance are offered sporadically and the material and level vary. Though typically taught by in-house instructors, these workshops quite often feature nationally and internationally acclaimed Visiting Guest Artists. Pricing varies.

    Check under the Home Page Special Interest box and Event Calendar sections of our website for details, pricing, upcoming dates and discount coupons offering even more savings!

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    Intro Special (for New Students only!)

    If you are transferring from another school or have dance experience learned elsewhere the Intro Special is a great way to get to know the Studio and help determine what level class is best for you.

    The package provides a number of different ways for you to learn about the class structure, friendly environment, as well as how to best take advantage of the program that is offered.

    A $20 fee includes the following features:

    • 1/2 Hour Private Session with Dance Assessment: you will work with one of our talented staff who will evaluate your dance background and skills and assist you in selecting classes.
    • A Dance Party: Be a guest at one of the many fabulous dance parties offered monthly. Your party pass will be good for 30 days from the date of your Intro Lesson.

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    Class Cards (vs. 4-week Groups with NO Make-ups)

      The purchase of a 4-week Group Class does NOT ALLOW FOR MAKE-UP CLASSES ... if you choose this purchase option, you should be confident that you can attend all 4 consecutive weeks of your course, as you will lose any class you cannot attend.

      If your schedule does not permit you to consistently attend a 4-week class, held over 4 consecutive weeks, or the class you're interested in allows "drop-ins", consider a CLASS CARD. These provide the flexibility for you to drop-in to classes, assuming they are an appropriate level/style for you. (*Some restrictions apply, for example, entrance into progressive 4-week courses in week's 3 or 4 is by teacher permission only. You may not be able to use your class card to drop-in under these circumstances.)

      You can purchase Class Cards in packages as small as five.

      • Available Class Card Packages*- one for every need:
        • 5 Class Card (2 month exp.) $110 ($22/class)
        • 10 Class Card (3 month exp.) $195 ($19.50/class)
        • 20 Class Card (3 month exp.) $375 ($18.75/class)
        • Pricing per class, to drop-in anytime...$26

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          General Notes

          All classes are 55 minutes long. To provide the best possible learning environment, as a rule, students are not permitted to begin a 4-week series later than the second week of a cycle. All group classes must be completed during the 4-week cycle and classes cannot be carried over to the next cycle.

          Leader Follower Ratio- Registration does not guarantee an equal balance of leaders and followers in any given class. ALL classes rotate partners, except those noted as COUPLES ONLY or WELCOME, and there are some classes that require that you learn to both follow and lead, typically true for Argentine Tango.

          No Smoking- There is no smoking anywhere within the studio space or in our building, including stairwells and entrance lobby.

          Suggestions- We welcome your suggestions on how to keep the studio a pleasant and enjoyable place. Please tell us those things you believe can be improved (and how), as well as those you like. We welcome your comments!

          Tardiness- Students may be refused entrance into a class, private, or other event if they are more than 20 minutes late.

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          Payments for services may be made in cash, by check, or with MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover.

          Gift Cards are available at reception in all denominations and for all instructional services. [A great gift idea!] Gift cards expire one year from date of purchase.

          ALL SALES FOR SERVICES AND GIFT CARDS ARE FINAL. There are no Cash, Check, or Credit Card Refunds permitted. All sales and services expire six months from date of purchase.

          In extreme cases, credits may be approved by management. These will ONLY be made in the form of studio credit.

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