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Latin and Hustle dance lessons NYC with Audrey, Jason, Sophie, Ricardo & Frankie at Dance Manhattan & You Should Be Dancing...! Ballroom Swing Latin dance studios NYC.

What class and level should I take?

Dance Manhattan would certainly be happy to help you coordinate one-time or ongoing private classes. We would discuss the dance background and goals of those participating and create the perfect learning environment for your group!

If joining classes which are open to the public is your preference, however, find a studio that suits your needs (types of dances, location, etc) and browse through their online schedule to find the topics and levels that interest you. Classes are typically level based, so, a beginner class in any style, regardless of topic, is for beginners. That means simply, no experience with the dance is necessary.

If you are not a beginner in your dance, but have some experience or have previously studied elsewhere, consider the following if they are offered:
. Schedule an Intro Session or Class, where an instructor will help you define your level
. Audit all or part of a class to see if it's suitable
. Take a "refresher course" that is slightly below your assumed level to ease you into our class culture

If you do sign up for a class and it is not the appropriate level, simply ask your instructor's advise.

What if I'm not sure what dance I want to learn?

One way to get a sense of the various social dances is to visit the STYLES section of this website for descriptions and lots of videos of the various styles ... you can also take a quick look at some of the videos below:

Swing dance lessons and classes NYC at Dance Manhattan and You Should Be Dancing...! studios NYC. Argentine Tango-Jennifer Wesnousky & partner

Argentine Vals-Audrey Martinez & partner

Swing / Lindy Hop Charleston-Paolo Lanna, Adrienne Weidert and the Rhythm Stompers

West Coast Swing-Instructors Sophie Cazeneuve & Julien Bec

Salsa-Jason Myra & partner

Balboa-Lainey Silver & partner

Cha Cha & Hustle-Instructors Stephanie Shapiro & Ricardo Torres

Viennese Waltz-Suzanne Temple & partner

What's the best way for me to learn if I'm a Beginner?

Once you are ready to dance, there are many ways to learn --
. Private lessons(study exclusively with an instructor at your own pace)
. Basic Group classes (classes in a group setting which typically rotate partners unless noted as COUPLES ONLY/WELCOME), or
. One-Day Crash courses
and workshops (intensive one-day trainings).
Your approach should be what suits your learning style and schedule best. Many students often end up taking a combination of all three.

Weekly practice sessions and parties will help you practice what you are learning and solidify the movements. Join your friends, old and new, to practice new skills, share what you are learning, and have fun! Many studios offer weekly or periodic practice sessions and parties in a variety of dance styles. Check their online calendars to see what's available and jump right in!

Check out our own calendar for events we co-sponsor and recommend: Event Calendar.

Argentine Tango dance lessons NYC. Group and private lessons in Tango, Ballroom, Swing and Salsa NYC.

Should I register with a partner?

This depends on what you are signing up for. Couples ONLY group classes require a partner. If a class is noted as Couple Welcome, it typically means you can sign up with or without a partner. Those classes without a designation typically DO NOT require partners and will rotate participants throughout the class.

If you would like to dance exclusively with your partner, private lessons and COUPLES group classes are the way to go!

Whatever your preference, dancing with different partners is an excellent way to hone your leading and following skills. So, even if you dance primarily with one partner, we recommend you attend a class which rotates partners from time to time.

How long will it take to learn one of these styles?

Each person has their own learning curve. We recommend you feel very comfortable at one level before proceeding to a higher level. Check the prerequisites for next level classes and ask your teacher if they think it's time for you to move up a level. Obviously, your success will depend greatly on your dedication to the style. The more you practice what you learn, the faster you will become comfortable with your style. And, somewhere along the way, branch out to other dances! Social dancing, and its music, is infectious and there is significant crossover! So put some swing in your tango, or foxtrot in your swing, or tango in your salsa....

One way or the other, don't delay... join us for a dance today!


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