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Salsa . Tango . Swing . Audition Space & Rehearsal Space ... ABOUT US

Dance Manhattan closed its physical studio, one of the largest and most popular social dance studios in NYC, after 22 years in December 2014. We currently focus on providing the best in Customized Dance instruction and performances in the NY metropolitan area. Call us at 212-807-0802 when you'd like to spice up your special occasion/friendly get-together, corporate program, or children's activities with dance!

Our mission for dance classes
To provide the best opportunities for learning and having fun. The objective is for each student to be inspired to grow, learn & express themselves creatively . . . making new friends in the process.

Our motto, "Don't talk to strangers, Dance with them!"
, explains why we continue to provide a social activity where new and old friends can interact. What better way to get to know someone than by dancing with them? With or without a partner, we invite you to learn to social dance and establish a connection with another person on the dance floor. Forget the stress and strain of everyday life...chat and dance in a casual atmosphere and make friends and partners to last a lifetime! We offer an opportunity for everyone, at every age, to get to know each other in a happy, healthy way!

Learning Environment in Dance Classes & Lessons and at Special Events :
Join us to learn and perfect Social Ballroom, Swing, Argentine Tango and Latin dancing.
Our instructors are the best of the best - not only wonderful teachers of dance but talented, experienced, award winning performers! You have seen them on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in films, in commercials, on tour, in music videos, and on the winner's platform at every major dance competition in the United States and abroad! These talented artists are friendly, versatile, and truly care about teaching you how to dance. Click Instructors to find out more about them individually.


Teddy Kern speaks about what Dance Manhattan was all about and what made our studio and teaching philosophy unique!

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  • Call Dance Manhattan @ 212-807-0802 for info on Custom dance classes and performances

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    • info@dancemanhattan.com : for information about Custom Classes and Performances or to sign up for any/all of our email lists: Swing, Ballroom, Latin, or Tango

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