Elena Iannucci

After 22 years owner Elena Iannucci closed Dance Manhattan's physical studio in NYC in November 2014. Since then you can find her running her popular Tuesday night swing classes and practice at
YOU SHOULD BE DANCING...!! (412 8th Ave, 4th flr).

(Call 212-244-0011 for information or to register for her NYC classes - or sign up on line at www.youshouldbedancing.nyc)
From time to time, you'll also find her at your local library on Long Island, her home, teaching the basics of a variety of social dances as well as line dancing!

Elena Iannucci is a teacher, coach, choreographer and owner of Dance Manhattan which she and Ms. Teddy Kern opened in 1992. Although Elena has come to specialize in Swing/Lindy Hop, she has been studying, performing and teaching the basics of all forms of social ballroom dance for over 20 years.

For eight years she was well known as a dancer with The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers (BALH), the performance arm of the New York Swing Dance Society, under the direction of Tony-award winner, Mr. Frankie Manning, one of the originators of the dance and her mentor.

As a performer with BALH, she performed at local events and jazz festivals as well as special extravaganzas such as the Smithsonian's Tribute to the Swing Era, Lincoln Center's Midsummer's Nights Swing, Merv Griffin's Resorts Hotel, New York City's First Night, Roseland Ballroom NYC, and the Museum of New York's tribute to Frankie Manning. She counts among her credits: choreographer of the winning Lindy Hop team at ASDC,'95 and coach of the Lindy Hop Division winners at ASDC, '98.

Although Elena finds performing and the spotlight sweet, her true love and passion is for the playfulness, freedom and spontaneity of the social dance floor. She takes pride and joy in scanning an event and seeing the many generations of dancers who have started in her classes. When you see her on the dance floor, please be sure to make her day and ask her for a dance!

She continues to spread the love of dance and looks forward to helping create many more generations of dance enthusiasts!


Shim Sham @ Elena's Big Birthday Bash, 2018!

Elena's Dance Jam at Dance Manhattan's Final Guest Night, 2014!

Elena dances a Social Swing with one of her favorite partners, Andrew D'Angelo!

Elena's dance jam at DM's final Big Band Friday!

Elena dancing with the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers in the (OMG!!!) 90's!!