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Sophie Cazeneuve and partner, Julien Bec

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Our West Coast Swing dance program features weekly WC Swing dance classes taught by our talented instructors, periodic workshops taught by Guest Artist John Lindo, the original learn-in-a-day Beginners' West Coast Swing CRASH course, and the ever-popular weekly Wednesday night Westie Cafe dance party ($12 General Public; only $5 for Current YSBD students) with popular DJs and your hosts Paula Wilson && Ken Kreshtool.

(Here's John Lindo having fun and taking First Place in the Jack n' Jill Invitational, Phoenix 2008)

West Coast Swing is one of the most popular partner dances in the country. It developed from the Lindy, and more specifically Dean Collins Swing, and was done originally to Rhythm & Blues style music.

WC Swing is a bit more sultry and sexy than other swing dances. Smooth and rolling, the current WCS scene has people dancing to a wider variety of music - blues and R&B, as well as some country, pop, rock, and contemporary music. Because of this you can have fun with this dance style in an extensive variety of settings and venues.

WCS, in its most fun and competitive form, combines 6 & 8 count rhythms with syncopated footwork, embellishments and breaks.

Sophie Cazeneuve, and partner Julien Bec, having some fun at Liberty Swing 2016!

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