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Instructors Jason Myra and Audrey Martinez

Hustle is a general name for many different forms of hustle. Back in the late 1970's, most disco dances were called Latin Hustle or NY Hustle. The dance has evolved greatly over the years, through at least 6 major changes. The earliest version (approximately 1975) looks like it was developed by women doing the woman's part in West Coast Swing. Originally it was a 6-count dance, then changed to 3 count about 1980. About 1980 the dance had a rock-step in it, but that was changed to a together-forward about 1982. Many people believe they are doing NY hustle, however they generally doing older versions of Hustle. Originally, NY Hustle was a catch-all name, and some versions of it were identical to some versions of Latin Hustle. By about 1983, the other versions of hustle had faded away, and what was left we called NY Hustle.

Hustle helped to highlight a partner dancing revival back in the 1970's and is quite fun and challenging.

Hustle demonstration - Audrey Martinez

Stephanie Shapiro and Ricardo Torres dancing a Cha Cha/Hustle combo

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