Noel Strazza

Noel Strazza, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studied contemporary dance at the “Taller de Danza Contemporanea” of the San Martin Theatre. She was a member of Ballet Juvenil of the same theatre from 1995 to 1997. She worked as a dancer and an assistant choreographer with Oscar Araiz and Carlos Veiga.

As a co-choreographer with Yamil Ostrovsky she won the first choreography award at the IV Dance Festival of Amazonas in Brazil (1998). Noel danced and played in the theatre shows Boquitas Pintadas, Once Corazones, 101 Dalmatians and for the company Ballet de Bolsillo.

Noel has danced since 1997. She worked with Pablo Veron for 5 years with whom she was teaching and performing tango in numerous countries in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

Noel is presently living in Montreal, Canada, where she is teaching regularly at the Studio Tango Montreal, performing and choreographing. She was invited to dance at the Gala des Étoiles (Place des Arts, September 2005). She danced in films Bonheur Océan (2002) and Bliss III (2003). Recently, she was invited as a choreographer for the Montreal’s dance Company Les Sortilèges. In March 2007 she danced and choreographed for the Theâtre de l’Utopie in the show Mundo Tango, directed by Cristina Iovita in Montreal.

She is currently working with tango dancer,choreographer and husband Pablo Pugliese, teaching and performing in Canada, the Unites States and Europe.


A Tango by Noel and Pablo