Lainey Silver

Since Dance Manhattan's closing at the end of November 2014, you can find Lainey teaching private lessons and Tuesday & Thursday night swing, jazz and balboa classes and weekend workshops at
YOU SHOULD BE DANCING...!! (412 8th Ave, 4th flr)
Call 212-244-0011 for information or to register - or sign up on line at

Elaine "Lainey" Silver is a globe-trotting jazz era dancer, performer, choreographer, DJ, and vintage fashionista. She specializes in dances of the jazz era including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Drag Blues, Slow Dance, and vernacular solo jazz.

Her love of all things old and her knack for performance began as a child movie star, acting as a Stone Age Pebbles Flintstone. After spending her childhood in a small California town, Lainey moved to NYC to attend Columbia University, graduating with an Environmental Engineering degree. Since her first rock-step in 2006, Lainey obsessively danced every day. Currently, she teaches dance as a full-time career.

She's had the opportunity to teach worldwide and in her local scene, NYC. Lainey is a part of the You Should Be Dancing...! Studios team. She taught at Dance Manhattan for 2 years as well as at Harlem Swings! (a non-profit that instructs youths in Harlem the dances of their historical neighborhood). Lainey encourages her students to embrace the history of jazz dance while supporting the development of lindy hop and balboa in the present. She emphasizes connection to your partner, a solid base in fundamentals, proper body mechanics, and dancing as an expression of the music. Her mission is to help her students find their own voice and creative ideas.

Lainey has won a number of prestigious awards:
-- 1st place: 2015 Lonestar Open Balboa Jack and Jill
-- 1st place: 2015 Nevermore Jazz Ball Challenge
-- 1st place: 2014 Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Slow Dance division with Dan Newsome
-- 2nd place: 2013 International Lindy Hop Championships Advanced Jack and Jill
-- 3rd place: 2013 Lindy Focus 30 Second Showcase with Dan Newsome

In addition, she was honored to be crowned the 2013 Miss Camp Hollywood.

She has performed in many exciting venues including: Revel Atlantic City, Gansevoort Hotel in NYC, Midsummer Night Swing, and The Edison Ballroom. She has danced in many performance groups including The Amazebals, Syncopated City Dance Company, The Lindy Hop All Stars, The Rhythm Stompers, and The Sugarfoot Follies.

Here are some fun videos of her dancing:

Lainey Silver competing at ILHC 2015 in the Strictly Balboa Finals w/ Dan Newsome.

Lainey Silver performing at SONH 2015 with Dan Newsome.

Lainey Silver, competing at ILHC 2011 with Adam Lee.