Evita Arce

Known for her magical energy, high-flying aerials and dynamic movement, Evita Arce is a specialist in the Lindy Hop, The Charleston, Solo Jazz, and other Swing era dances. Evita performed the featured Lindy Hop role with partner, Michael Jagger, in the Broadway show SWING for the 2008 Japan tour, The Sacramento Music Circus, and the Benedum Theater in Pittsburgh. Additionally, Evita performed in "Let Freedom Swing", a Celebration of America, sponsored by Jazz at Lincoln Center and held at the Kennedy Center. It was part of the Martin Luther King day and 2009 Inaugural Festivities.

Evita's choreography and partner-work have earned her 1st and 2nd place in numerous national contests. In October 2007 at the American Lindy Hop Championships she won 1st place in Blues and Cabaret. Evita was recognized for her solo-Charleston dancing with 1st and 2nd place standings. She also took 1st place in the Jazz dance competitions, both solo and partner (with partner Nathan Bugh), at ILHC 2012!

Evita has taught at Camp Savoy (UK), Swing Out North West, Swing Out New Hampshire, Lindy Focus, Camp Jitterbug (Seattle), Sving du Nord, Boogie Baeren (Germany), Tokyo Swing Dance Society, Camp Oz (Australia), many other regional workshops, and the world famous Swedish Lindy Hop dance camp in Herrangue.

Syncopated City, an off-shoot of the Swing FX dance troupe, was managed by Evita and partner Michael Jagger in NYC and was featured in the Edinburough, Scotland Jazz Festival, and performed at the Cabarets of Camp Savoy, as well as venues around the city and the country!

Although Michael now makes his home in London, you can still benefit from their exceptional teaching via Syncopated City's online format: https://syncopatedcity.com/

Here's a little video of something Evita and Michael put together....

Michael & Evita in "Spring Cleaning" ... choreograhed with help from Ms. Teddy Kern!

A Lindy Hop with Evita Arce & Nathan Bugh