Eric Jorissen

Eric studied dance education at the Rotterdam conservatory til' 1984. After that he decided to specialize in Argentine tango. He began teaching argentine tango in 1987, inspired by Pepito Avellaneda, who considered him being his 'tango' son. In 1987 he founded tango el corte, a tango centre in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.

Over the last 30+ years el corte's fame spread throughout the globe. Attracting 25,000 visitors a year it became one of the leading tango centres in the world. Eric is still running el corte with a lot of passion and alot of dedicated staff.

During 3 weekends a month and during off season he travels the world. From Alaska to China, from Finland to South Africa... The flying dutchman seems to have a lot of energy.

New York has a fixed place on his itinarary... he returns for his annual visit every Spring!

Eric loves to work with mixed level groups and is specially keen on transmitting the aspect of musical sensitivity for tango dancers. He carries with him all the history and many traditions he experienced in the Buenos Aires scene of the 80s, then still barely touched by foreigners. He is devoted to the social dance and to nurturing vibrant communities of dancers.


A fun-tabulous Milonga danced by Eric and partner, Denver 2012!

Eric demonstrates a Milonga with Rebecca Shulman at LUNA, her Monday night Tango Salon and Practica