Brigitta Winkler

BRIGITTA WINKLER lives in Berlin where she studied ballet and modern dance for many years. In 1980, her life changed when she discovered Argentine tango. She then spent some years in Paris studying with Virulazo, a star of Tango Argentine. At that time she met Coco Orlando Diaz, and they began performing together at Les Trottoirs de Buenos Aires in Paris. They took their own show to Montreal, and Toronto. Brigitte traveled often to Buenos Aires to study with such noted dancers as Juan Carlos Copes, Antonio Todaro, Pepito, Gustavo Naveira, and Eduardo Arquimbau. In 1987, she opened Tanzart with her partner; Angelica Fischer and they have performed with companies in Berlin and other European cities.

Notably in 1998, Brigitte was co-founder and artistic director of TangoMujer, an all-women dance company which performed around the world from 1998 through 2006.

When not at home in Berlin, you can now find Brigitte traveling throughout the world bringing her unique brand of Tango teaching.. we're always very lucky when she comes to visit NYC!