Adam Lee

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Adam Lee is the founder of Swing Beijing and the Beijing Big Band, and has been swingin' since he was 7 years old starting with music (saxophone and clarinet) and picking up swing dance in 1997. He describes himself as a 'Musician who also can dance' and thinks of the Lindy Hop as a "natural dance" that should be done as an extension of natural movement and musical interpretation.

He taught in his home state of California for 3 years before moving to China. He taught in Beijing continuously for 7 years, and conducted workshops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Moscow, Ireland, Portugal, Vietnam, Ukraine, London, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and back again in his home region in the SF Bay Area.

Adam is presently doing a Masters in Music Education at NYU. He has been developing a special series of classes for dancers, focusing on helping them to understand more clearly what is going on in the music that they are dancing to, and how they can put that knowledge to good use in their dancing.

Dance Manhattan welcomes Adam Lee to our studio teaching classes and workshops as of January 2012.


Adam Lee and partner, Elaine Silver, competing at ILHC 2011.