Adam Brozowski

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“I believe Jazz is a universal art form that reaches beyond one genre. Jazz is a way of thinking, it is improvisational and it is uniquely connected to our American cultural experience.”

Adam Brozowski is a New York based dancer, actor, performer and teacher. Adam began Lindy Hopping in Seattle and LA in 1996 and training in the dances of the swing and pre- swing era’s. In his 15 years Swing dancing he has performed around the world, and gathered over 15 national and regional titles for his dancing. Along the way Adam has taught Swing, Lindy Hop, Vintage Jazz and Tap at studios and workshops around the country, in particular using Swing and Jazz to connect with people of all ages and dance backgrounds; passionate about connecting the shared histories of modern dance styles with their street, jazz and swing dance roots.

Adam has had the honor of studying with, and working alongside, some of Lindy Hop's innovators, including original members of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, Frankie Manning and Norma Miller and Jazz legend Dawn Hampton. Most recently he co-taught a “Cotton Club Master Class” here in New York City with Norma (at age 91!)

Adam holds his degree in musical theatre from Penn State University and has toured across the country in musicals as an accomplished dancer and tap dancer, most recently appearing onstage at New York City Center dancing original Broadway choreography from 42nd Street, alongside Randy Skinner (The Broadway revivals choreographer).

As a teacher, Adam believes in developing a strong relationship with the music, functional technique and body awareness, true lead and follow, and improvisation skills. Adam loves to dissect these (sometimes overwhelming) concepts in simple and fun ways while always striving to maintain a strong sense of playfulness and joy in his classrooms.

As of January 2012, Adam is honored and excited to be joining the team here at New York’s premiere studio for social dance, Dance Manhattan!