Class Schedule for May 2019

December Classes at YSBD...! begin on Monday, Nov 26th!
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:30 pm*NEW* Pre-Intermediate Argentine Tango Classes w/ Mariana Parma NYC [PI] 7:00 pmSwing/Lindy (Level 2) Adv Basic Footwork & Patterns with Paolo NYC [AB] 8:00 pmSwing Beginner (3 mo. rotation) w/ Paolo NYC [BA] 6:30 pm*NEW* starts in April: Ballroom Foundations (rotating/6 dances) w/ Sophie NYC [BA] 7:30 pmBalboa Bal Swing & Shuffles Pre-Int to Intermediate [PI] *NEW* Argentine Tango - Intermediate w/Rebecca Shulman [IN] Swing Advanced Basics w/ Elena NYC (Level 2) [AB] Beginner Swing (Level 1) w/ Paolo NYC [BA] 8:30 pmSwing/Lindy (Intro to 8ct) (Level 3) [PI] Balboa Foundations Beginner to Adv- Basic [BA] 9:30 pmWeekly Balboa Practice with Lainey Silver [BA] FREE Swing/Lindy Practice [BA] 6:00 pm*NEW* West Coast Swing for Beginners Starting in MAY w/ Ken & Paula NYC [BA] 7:00 pm*NEW TIME* West Coast Swing Int. (Level 3) w/ Sophie NYC [IN] *NEW* West Coast Swing Beginner Class w/ Ken & Paula NYC [BA] 8:00 pm*NEW TIME* West Coast Swing Pre-Int w/ Sophie NYC [PI] 9:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays [BA] 7:30 pmClub Salsa (on 2) [PI] *NEW* Swing Series w/ Carol Fraser @ LI Swing Syndicate [AB] 8:30 pmLindy Hop (Intro to 8 Count) (level 3) [PI] Salsa (on 2) - Intermediate [IN] 9:00 pmFrim Fram Weekly Swing Jam [BA]