Class Schedule for April 2020

MOST classes, workshops and social dance events have been cancelled due to the corona virus. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK with producers before attending anything! STAY SAFE!
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:30 pmArgentine Tango Classes w/ Mariana Parma NYC [PI] 7:00 pmSwing/Lindy (Level 2) Adv Basic Footwork & Patterns w/Paolo YSBD NYC [AB] 8:00 pmSwinging OUT with Ease & Style w/ Akemi & Lewi YSBD NYC [IN] Swing Beginner (3 mo. rotation) w/ Paolo YSBD NYC [BA] 7:30 pmArgentine Tango - Intermediate w/Rebecca Shulman [IN] Swing Advanced Basics (Level 2) w/ Elena YSBD NYC [AB] 8:30 pmSwing/Lindy: Intro to 8ct (Pre-Int: Lvl 3) w/ Elena YSBD NYC [PI] 9:30 pmFREE Swing/Lindy Practice [BA] 6:00 pm*NEW* Ballroom & Latin Foundations w/ Sophie YSBD NYC [BA] 7:00 pmWest Coast Swing Beginner Class YSBD NYC [BA] West Coast Swing Int. (Level 3) w/ Sophie YSBD NYC [IN] 8:00 pmWest Coast Swing Pre-Int w/ Sophie YSBD NYC [PI] 9:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays w/ Ken & Paula NYC [BA] 7:00 pmClub Salsa (on 2) Pre-Int w/ Jason Myra YSBD NYC [PI] Swing Half&Half: Solo Jazz & Partnered Swing (Int: Lvl 3/4) YSBD NYC [IN] 7:30 pmThursday Night Swing classes (NO Class Jan 16) on Long Island w/Carol Fraser [PI] Swing Advanced Basics (level 2) YSBD NYC [AB] 8:00 pmLindy Hop Challenge: Focus on Technique & FLow (Level 4) w/ Adrienne & Rafal YSBD NYC [IN] Salsa (on 2) - Intermediate w/ Jason Myra YSBD NYC [IN] 9:00 pmFrim Fram Weekly Swing Jam [BA] 11:00 amLa Practica weekly tango practice with Mariela Franganillo NYC [IN] 2:00 pmWkly RAWSOM Tango Practica for ALL w/ Rebecca Shulman NYC [BA] 3:00 pmHustle Beginner w/ Robert Vance @YSBD NYC [BA] 4:00 pmHustle Pre-Intermediate (Level 2) w/ Robert Vance YSBD NYC [PI] 5:00 pmHustle Intermediate (Level 3) w/Robert Vance YSBD NYC [IN] 2:30 pmSwing BASICS YSBD NYC [BA] 3:30 pmSwing Advanced Basics (level 2) YSBD NYC [AB] 4:30 pmSwing - INTRO to 8ct Lindy (Pre-Int/Level 3) YSBD NYC [PI]