Time: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Instructors: [Independent Producer]

Event Information

Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest 2022
Thu-Sun, Sep 7-18
A dance festival that examines the influence of Latinos in America as place of mixed cultures

Devoted to the multicultural nature of New York City, the festival boldly responds to the blurring of cultures from different diasporas, it celebrates and examines the influence of Latinos in America as a place of immigration and mixed cultures; while seeking to showcase dance artists who explore a range of narratives of Latino culture and/or current issues: immigration, forced displacement, identity, and transculturation.

Featuring eights (8) dance artists with hybrid choreographic practices (combining dance movements with other forms/styles, including physical-theater, mime, video or incorporating performative methods on stage). The festival has four (4) components:

1) Sep 15-17
- The Fest: Dance shows / six choreographic works with 20 dancers will take the stage with dancistic works by: Arianna Aquino, Stephanie Pena , Maria Gracia Perez , Julieta Valero, Chien-Ying Wang, Irene Ruiz-Rivero, Yvanhova Figueroa, and Leonel Linares

2) Sep 15-17 - Choreographers Talk: post-show conversations between dance creators and audience, conducted by special guests:
. Rhina Valentin (Sep 15)
. Alejandra Geithner (Sep 16)
. Angelica Guvernez (Sep 17)

3) Sep 7-18 - Dancing Strokes Exhibition: This exhibition plays with theoretical concepts of movement, light and rhythm; and how those elements can insinuate motion and create the impression of "action". It invites the viewer to find the link between a live dance aesthetic and that being reflected in the artwork. The exhibition will take place in the lobby and gallery at El Barrio's Artspace.

The Festival is presented by El Barrio's Artspace & Artspace Projects Inc, in collaboration with Wonder Moments Inc..

More info: www.d10projectnyc.com

Details, Map & Tickets

Location: Spanish Harlem / El Barrio's Artspace PS109
215 East 99th Street NYC