Event Calendar for January 2019

1Closed For Holiday 29:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 39:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 4 52:30 pmWest Coast Swing Crash Course in NYC w/ Sophie Cazeneuve 612:00 pmSwing Crash Course for Beginners: Learn-in-a-day in NYC w/ Elena
7YSBD...! 4-week Group Classes begin again after holiday break 89:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice Session w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice - NOW at 412 8th Ave (YSBD!) 99:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 109:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 11 12 1312:30 pmBody Awareness, Stretch, and Strengthening for ALL Dancers in NYC w/ Lainey Silver
14 159:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice Session w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice 169:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 179:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 18 19 201:00 pmBeginners Bachata, Merengue & Cha Cha in NYC w/Audrey Martinez -SINGLES or COUPLES welcome2:00 pmNEW** Argentine Tango: Witchcraft2 w/ Valeria Solomonoff & Brigitte Winkler
21 229:30 pm"White Heat" Balboa Practice w/ Lainey SilverSwing Practice...held at 412 8tlh Ave 239:15 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 249:00 pmFrim Fram Jam 25 2612:00 pm*NEW* Swing Crash on Long Island w/Carol Fraser, LI Swing Syndicate7:00 pmYSBD WINTER BASH featuring live swing music and 3 rooms of dancing!9:00 pm*NEW* Millennium Dance Jam @Dancesport w/ Lori Brizzi 276:00 pmONE NIGHT ONLY: George Gee Orchestra @Birdland - MUSICAL Tribute to Frank Foster
28 299:30 pmSwing Practice"White Heat" weekly Balboa Practice w/ Lainey Silver 309:30 pmWestie Cafe - WC Wednesdays 319:00 pmFrim Fram Jam