Time: 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM
Instructors: [Independent Producer]

Event Information

*FOLK / Japanese, Long Island City"
Japanese Classical Dance (Nihon Buyo) Classes, @ RESOBOX Long Island City NY
Wednesdays, thru Jun 28 6:45-8pm

For All levels, 12 yrs and older
Average Class Size: 12
Teacher: Helen Moss

What you'll learn in this folk dance class:
Learn how to interpret the Japanese classical dance called Nihon buyo or nichibu. Japanese classical dance was born about 1603, along with the first performances of Kabuki Theatre.
In Japanese classical dance, the dancer interprets the poetry being sung in addition to dancing along with the music. Sometimes the dancer moves or stamps rhythmically to the music, too.
A fan (osensu) helps interpret the poetry by representing many things and moods. The kimono can be either leotard or costume. Small hand props, such as an umbrella (kasa) or hand towel (tenugui), enhance the poetic meaning and the beauty of the scene.
Any dancer can successfully dance the part of a male or female character, since men and women customarily study both male and female styles. Male style is very open, with all energy directed outward to suggest masculinity and strength. Female style is just the opposite, but equally strong, the movements smaller and softer.
There are many styles or schools of Japanese classical dance. The style of dance taught at Resobox (Japanese Cultural Center) is the elegant Sōke Fujima style.

Price: $20 per class
Details & Registration

(Note: All materials are provided to beginners. Trial classes are available at $10 for 30 minutes with prior registration. Please contact Coursehorse for more details.)

Location: RESOBOX
Hunter's Point, Queens

44-02 23rd St, Studio A #216 (Btwn 44th Ave & 44th Rd)
Long Island City, NYC

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