Time: 9:15 PM - 12:30 AM
Instructors: [You Should Be Dancing Instructors]

Event Information

We've got CLUB 412 and we'd love to fill it with WCS awesome-ness!
Dance 9:15pm to 12:30am and smile all week!

There will be a rotation of Guest DJs and lots of fun.
April 26: Richard and Marlon

May 3: Vernon Smith and Dave Muzii (Special R&B/Blues Review Night @ Westie Cafe)
May 10: Kristen Shaw and Chrissy Bridgeman
May 17: Wes Carrajat and Marlon Mills
May 24: Jeanette Holmes and Tammy Rosen
May 31: Richard Reed and Ken Kreshtool

June 7: Wes Carrajat and Jes Ann Nail
June 14: Dave Muzii and Tammy Rosen
June 21: Richard Reed and Chrissy Bridgeman
June 28: John Festa and John Lindo (Official Pre-Liberty WCS Party)

Mark your calendars now! Spread the word! And come dance with us!

The Wednesday Westie Cafe is a great place to practice with all your friends in a friendly supportive environment. You can socially dance all the patterns you are working on while simultaneously getting an opportunity to watch and dance with more advanced dancers. AND...if you have friends who can't WC Swing, bring 'em along - they can take the 1/2 hour Intro Class for Newbies from 9:30-10pm!

WANT TO BECOME A BETTER WESTIE? Join Sophie Cazeneuve and Julien Bec for their WCS classes prior to the dance every Wednesday!

Party Admission:
$5 Current YSBD Students
$12 General Public
$19 pass to both Tango Cafe & WC Swing Party

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