Time: 1:00 PM - 6:20 PM
Instructors: [Independent Producer]

Event Information

Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz with Guest Instructors Alice Bourgasser & Michel Campeau
Saturday & Sunday, Jan 27 & 28

1-3pm Lindy Hop: Comfort Could Be A Key
Level: Int +

Adopting a relaxed connection can allow you to be more responsive
to the music and to our partner. Learn how to lower the energy level required of your partner, to be able to play together more. Through different connection exercises, you'll try to stay relaxed & comfy, even with more complex rhythms.

3:15-5:15pm Solo Jazz: Finding Freedom in Improvisation
Level: Open

Thanks to the different cultural insights provided by the pioneering African-American artists of the vernacular jazz scene, we understand today that the soul of the jazz solo does not reside in the simple execution of the figures on the canvas. How do you go beyond the framework of execution to free your body to jazz music? Together we will open different anatomical doors allowing us to deepen the exploration of movement in connection with jazz music. Allow yourself to dance holistically with instinct as your exploratory guide.

SUNDAY (not necessary to have done Saturday classes to do Sunday)
2-4pm Lindy Hop: Playing with a Partner
Level: Int+

Social dancing can be magic when we're really taking the time to connect with each other. Through different games and connection exercises, we will try together to develop listening to music and to our partner. The goal is to create a pleasant and fun dialogue in our social dancing.

4:20-6:20pm Solo Jazz: Playing with Different Styles of Music
African-American culture is so wide on the artistic globe! Jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, rap, afrobeat, R & B, etc. How can we bring our soul into our solo jazz dancing in the same way as when we club dance to afrobeat? Let's dance to different types of music to find our groove. The goal is to find your soul in Jazz as well.

Pricing: (Details & Registration)
. In Advance (by 1/24) - $45 per class / $80 both-same day / $150 ALL both days
. After 1/24 - $55 per class / $95 for both Same day / $160 ALL both days

Location: You Should Be Dancing..! 37 W 26th St, 2nd flr NYC
212-244-0011 ; info@ysbd.nyc