Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Level:Advanced Basic
Instructors: [Independent Producer]

Event Information

4- week group course with Stina Dallons

Prerequisite: Beginners Basic (two month minimum) or equivalent. For those with comfortable, working knowledge of the Basics of 6 count swing.

We will focus on expanding the student's 6-count vocabulary while introducing basic 8-count patterns and continuing to work on lead/follow technique. We will also introduce footwork and pattern variations. The goal is for 6 count movements to become second nature and for students to become comfortable social dancing.

The Advanced Basic syllabus contains three sections (A, B and C) which can be taken consecutively or simultaneously on Thursday and/or Tuesday evenings. All sections should be completed before a student moves up to a higher level.

Students should repeat the Advanced Basic class as often as necessary to master the techniques and become comfortable dancing. Although each section (A,B,C) requires that certain basics are taught, each rotation is embellished with different elements and variations. Taking any of these again will NEVER feel repetitive.

We recommend that students obtain the instructor's permission prior to moving on.

Curriculum Rotation
Thursday 7:30
Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct: C
Feb/May/Aug/Nov: A
Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec: B

Tuesday 7:30
Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct: A
Feb/May/Aug/Nov: B
Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec: C

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