Time: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Instructors: [Eric Jorissen]

Event Information

A long and intriguing title for an afternoon with Eric, on his annual spring visit to New York. This is a 3-hour class plus a half-hour break. Join Eric and allow him to treat you to an afternoon of inciteful whimsy!

Eric began his tango life in the late 80s and carries with him all the history and many traditions he experienced in a Buenos Aires scene then still barely touched by foreigners. He is devoted to the social dance, and to nurturing vibrant communities of dancers.

"Eric is an eloquent, efficient, inspiring, encyclopedic, hilarious, wizard of tango, who teaches worldwide and makes his home and school in Nijmegen Holland. There he hosts some of the most popular milongas and festivals in Europe, each one nudging its participants to get creative in some way. Check out elcorte.com for a notion of his playful perspective on tango.

I find that the moves Eric teaches are somehow better remembered, years afterward, than many moves from other classes. I don't know if it's that the moves are so unique and cool, or if it's the way he teaches them that keeps them vivid, or if they are so practical on the crowded floor and so witty and fun that people want to repeat them a lot and thereby remember them. Another striking thing about Eric is how he always teaches active collaboration in the follower's role: precisely where to add some energy to make a turn zip around or place a little pizzazz in a hip twist."

Rebecca Shulman

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Price: $65 in advance; $75 on June 9
Contact: Rebecca Shulman
917-828-1250 rebecca@rebeccatango.com
Registration: Cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal to Rebecca

Location: Champions Studio
257 West 39th, New York, New York 10018