Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Instructors: [Independent Producer]

Event Information

Dance Parade & DanceFest Festival NYC ... Sat, May 20, 11:45am

Take to the streets ... the fun starts at 11:45am and lasts all day long!!
Dance Parade NY believes live dance performance has the potential to awaken a communal human spirit which helps build a more equitable and vibrant society. Celebrate the 17th Annual Parade and Festival with 10,000 dancers featuring over 100 unique styles of dance.

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony kicks off the event at 11:45am at 17th Street and Sixth Ave (Avenue of the Americas).

Dance before a live audience of 130,000+ and celebrate culture down the Avenue of the Americas as part of the world's most diverse spectrum of dance. Registered groups are eligible for paid performances at DanceFest following the parade. Teaching and performing opportunities are available throughout the year.

Have questions/need support?
- Call DanceParade at 267-350-9213
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