Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Instructors: [Rebecca Shulman]

Event Information

Argentine Tango workshops w/ Rebecca Shulman
The Feast of Options for Leading and Shaping Boleos
Thursday, Feb 2 7-8:30pm
(Level: Int/Adv)
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The focus is on Supercool Boleo technique and ways that will challenge you to dance boleos in a savvy, skilled, expressive way! Topics will include:
contraboleos in all their disorienting glory;
* sacadas that flow into boleos;
* finding the invisible "contra" or stopping action in the couple but with different footwork;
* at least a half-dozen shapes for back and front boelos to carve.

Price: $35
. Please be prepared to show proof of covid vaxx.

Location: 440 Lafayette Street, Room 3C NYC