Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Instructors: [You Should Be Dancing Instructors]

Event Information

For Beginners w/ Elkin Guerra
Tango was born in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the last century. Originally it was developed by the poor immigrants in the ports as their way of expressing loneliness, frustration, desire and energy. A close embrace, legs often entwined - a dance of passion.

Elkin will provide a great start for new dancers as well as:
- a great review for dancers up to the Pre-Intermediate level, or
- an interesting new perspective for those who are learning a new role.

All participants are required to change partners

$40 in Advance
$50 day-of

Workshop held at You Should Be Dancing...! (412 8th Ave, 4th flr)
For Registration:
Call 212-244-0011 or Click here for online