Time: 12:30 PM - 3:35 PM
Instructors: [You Should Be Dancing Instructors]

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Lindy/Swing Workshops with Laura Glaess
Sat, Mar 25, 12:30-3:40pm

Laura believes that solo jazz is one of the foundational pillars of Lindy Hop. In a dance that places such value on individuality, it is imperative to be able to express yourself unaccompanied, both for the joy of dancing, and to hone your voice so you have something to bring to the partnership. In these classes, we will be working on rhythm, sequences, and improvisation.
12:30PM-2:00pm - Intermediate Solo Jazz
2:10-3:40pm - Advanced Solo Jazz


. Both Classes: $50 In Adv (by 3/23) / $60 after 3/23
. Per Class: $35 In Adv (by 3/23) / $45 after 3/23

SHE'S BACK AGAIN!-----------------------------------------------
Sat, Apr 8, 12:30-3:40pm

One of the aspects of Lindy Hop that Laura loves best is the emphasis on individuality and style. This dance is drenched in swagger and a huge part of presenting that swagger is through variations.
12:30PM-2:00PM - Variations for mid-tempo six count movement.
Must be familiar with 6 count basic movements at around 130bpm
2:10PM-3:40PM - More advanced variation concepts for slightly faster tempos.
Must be able to transition between 8 count, 6 count, and Charleston patterns at around 170bpm

. Both Classes: $50 In Adv (by 4/6) / $60 after 4/6
. Per Class: $35 In Adv (by 4/6) / $45 after 4/6

Register: Call 212-244-0011 or Purchase OnLine

Location: You Should Be Dancing..!

37 West 26th Street 2nd Floor NYC 212-244-0011 info@ysbd.com