Time: 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Instructors: [You Should Be Dancing Instructors]

Event Information

Learn about this historical dance through classes on vocabulary, movement technique, connection, musicality and more! Your instructors will be YSBD..!'s Galit Weinfeld and Guest Dexter Santos**!

Level: Beginner
(Prerequisite- Either a Blues Crash Course or Beginner Level Series Recommended)

Get ready to level up your social dancing! We'll be working on how to dance to different styles of Blues music, how to get that perfect Blues aesthetic, and some fun moves for you to throw down on the dance floor!

12-1:20: "Moovin' and Groovin'"
This class will explore Blues solo movement techniques and aesthetic. We'll explore the idea of moving and shaping the pulse in your body to give it expression based on the style and feeling of the music. We'll also cover some Blues dance vocabulary and "bluesy" feeling!

- 10 minute break -

1:30-2:30: Riffin'

Riffin' is a collaborative approach to solo dancing with a partner. It's about creating variations and building on each other's movements. More importantly, it's about being inspired by each other and improvising on the spot. We'll start by listening to the structure of Blues music and then explore how we might riff on each other's movements using the structure we just learned. At the end, we'll get to show off our new riffin' skills.


Level: Adv. Beginner/Intermediate
(Prerequisite: Section 1, 2 months of Beginner Series, or 1 month Intermediate Series.)

Get ready to get fancy! We'll be focusing on partner conversation, lead and follow dynamics, styling and connecting with the music through rhythm and musicality.

3-4:20: "Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You?"
This class is about enhancing your connection to the music and your partner. We'll start with how we can be expressive and intentional in our movement through the music in both solo and partnered dancing. Then we'll explore how the use tone and tension in our bodies is vital in creating the look and feeling in our dance based on what we're hearing in the music, but also how vital it is in our connection with our partners.

- 10 minute break -

4:30-5:30: "Sugar In Your Bowl"

Just like the lead, the follow hears the music and forms ideas on how to express that in their dance. But because of the lead/follow dynamic, the follows have to listen to the lead's interpretation of the music first. More often that not, the voice of the dance comes more from the lead than than the follow. In this class, we'll be appreciating the follow and encouraging them to add to the conversation in a dance allowing them to express their creativity and even provide inspiration to their lead. As a follow, you'll be empowered to move with greater confidence on the dance floor. As a lead, you'll have a renewed appreciation for the follow that has transformed in front of your eyes. While the moves are focused on follows, leads play an important and supporting part by providing the framework for their follows' creativity and expression.

Full Day: $60 In Advance/$70 Day Of
Section 1 or 2 only: $35 in Advance/$40 Day Of

Call 212-244-0011 or Click here for online registration.


You Should Be Dancing...! 412 8th Ave, 4th flr NYC

**About Guest Instructor Dexter Santos**
With a background in Ballroom and Lindy Hop, Dexter has studied and collaborated with the best Blues dance teachers and dancers, making him one of the most sought-after and admired teachers on the national and international Blues dance scene.
As a teacher, Dexter loves spreading his passion and joy for the dance and aims to inspire dancers of all levels with the possibilities that this dance has to offer while preserving its roots, identify and art form. Having taught on 4 continents, Dexter's classes are known to be inspiring and fun and are favorites at nationally and internationally renowned exchanges and workshops.
In addition to taking 1st place at Blues dancing competitions too numerous to mention, Dexter has won the title of BALLROOMIN' BLUES CHAMPION at bluesSHOUT 3 times!