Time: 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Level:Advanced Basic
Instructors: [Paolo Lanna]

Event Information

Prerequisite: Students should be comfortable with basic swing dancing fundamentals, having completed at least Advanced Basic level or the equivalent.

Taught by Guest Instructor, Jenifer Faulkner.

Today Collegiate Shag, a fast paced, high kickin' early swing dance, is a favorite to see performed on the swing dance circuit.

We'll take the best Collegiate Shag lead/follow patterns and demonstrate how to incorporate them into your Swing Dance repertoire.

The basic footwork & patterns are fun and easy to learn. The class will focus on:

. Frame, Body posture and Hand positioning
. Closed, Open, Diagonal and Side-by-side position
. Tap variations in the basic step, Step taps, Step holds, Pull kicks, Double Kicks
. Outside Turns released and connected, Passes (Pass Byes), The Swing-A-Roo (Merry Go Round), and more

Download the style guide