Time: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructors: [Rebecca Shulman] [Mariela Franganillo]

Event Information

"At a ... Meet and Talk with renowned Master teacher Garciela Gonzalez, someone asked how and where the older generation learned Tango. She said there were no such thing as classes or workshops. People learned at practicas (practice sessions) from each other.

Learning from peers and in practice is invaluable!

Classes provide us with tools and techniques but we have to sharpen and find their use and expression within our own bodies through investigation. This can be done most effectively at practicas, and under the guidance of an experienced teacher who can answer and clarify specific questions that relate to each and every one of our bodies.

So I urge and encourage everyone to go to practicas this weekend and every weekend if you can. Make use of our peers and teachers. Ask questions, ask lots of questions (!) find new depths to old moves and meet other wonderful dancers. Don't be afraid to try something new, ask how your partners feel. Those are some of the best ways to improve..."

LA PRACTICA 11am-2pm w/ Mariela Franganillo & DJ Ko
Int/Adv level

Mariela will offer suggestions and answer your questions. This is a perfect opportunity to get extra assistance on those tricky patterns or body movements that you are trying to master or just perfect the basics.
Price: $12pp

RAWSOM 2-5pm w/ Rebecca Shulman
ALL levels welcome

Please bring any tango questions you like to Rebecca, she's glad to help you out.
Price: $14-15pp (you choose)
Info / Contact Rebecca: kelebekka@hotmail.com 917.828.1250

BOTH Practicas are held at the SAME Location:

Stepping Out 37 W 26 St, 9th flr