Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Instructors: Staff

Event Information

Partner Work in 2 Acts - Act 1 The Matrix of Mambo
Sunday, June 30 12-2pm

"Act 1 the Matrix of Mambo"
(Freedom through structure)

The engineering of latin dance.

A full rundown of the mechanical concepts that make the dance function as a means of expression and communication beyond that of normal conversation. An exploration of how mastery of structure is the only way to come close to breaking the chains of bad technique and achieving the level of freedom that comes from acting intuitively from a sound base of mechanical philosophy.

Pricing: $45 in advance/$55 day of

Registration: Call 212-244-0011 or Click for Online
Location: YSBD...! 412 8th Ave, 4th flr NYC