Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Instructors: [Rebecca Shulman]

Event Information

Tango with Rebecca Shulman & partner Jaimes Friedgen
CONECTION Workshop- All Levels
Sun, Nov 20 5-6pm

This is the final class with Jaimes before he heads off home out West.

Jaimes is terrific at teaching connection in tango with very specific exercises that have worked for many dancers including Rebecca over the years.
He's great at delivering challenges that engage everyone in the room.

Jaimes & Rebecca welcome the beginners who just took her "learn to tango" classes in the same time slot, as well as involve the more experienced dancers in the city.

5-6: Class for all levels on Connection
6-7: one hour free practice with Jaimes and Rebecca available to help

Price*: $30 per person
* Please bring proof of covid vaxx if you aren't already on our lists.

(*if you take this class, you'll receive a $5 discount at El Destino Milonga if you stay after class)

Location: Solas Bar
232 East Ninth Street NYC (betw 2nd & 3rd Avenues)

Contact Rebecca for further info:
kelebekka@gmail.com -or- 917.828.1250

A peek ahead at Rebecca's next guest:
Pablo Pugliese's first visit since the pandemic: December 1-13!!!