Time: 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Instructors: [Rebecca Shulman]

Event Information

Guest Artist Jose Garofalo is coming to town, Feb 1-Mar 17
2024 U.S. Tour (NYC, Allentown, Boston, Northhampton, Portland)
Overall theme: Walk on the Wild Side / Roles Outside the Box

. Thu, Feb 1 @ Tango La Nacional

Jose will teach the Pre-milonga class (7-8pm) at La Nacional and perform w/Rebecca Shulman around 11pm.

. Sun, Feb 4, 12:30-4pm / Workshop: (FaceBook Invite)
Intention, Connection, Projection, & Playful Footwork

This is a 3-hour workshop plus a half-hour break. In the first half, we'll investigate intention, connection, and projection in both symmetrical and mirror exercises for both roles. In the second half, we'll play with sacadas, barridas, and ganchos, and explore how these elements are transformed when the roles of leader and follower are more broadly defined, and more fluid. Please be ready to learn a pattern in the "other" role - everyone will dance a bit of both roles - and the roles themselves will emerge redefined...

Workshop Pricing: $85 before Feb 4; $95 on Feb 4
(*payment by Venmo, PayPal, zelle, cash, or check)

Location: Ripley Grier Studios 939 8th Ave, RM 2A NYC (near 56th St)
*Contact Rebecca for further Info or Payment:
kelebekka@gmail.com -or- 917-828-1250