Time: 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Instructors: Staff

Event Information

Blues In A Day with GUEST instructor LUCKY SKILLEN
Level: Open

This workshop has 4 distinct sections and is designed as a full day crash course, but will be broken into Part A & Part B. For those who have taken other basic workshops or classes in Juke Joint style blues and Ballrooming, you may register for Part B only if you

Part A
Class 1 Juke Joint style Blues

This style is based on the slow dances being done in Juke joints around America at the turn of the last century.
It will give you a firm grip on the basics and will go over: weight shifts, pulse, fishtails and counterbalance.

Class 2 Ballrooming
This is the modern interpretation for the slow dancing done at the Savoy Ballroom in the 40s & 50s. Traditionally it was danced with many turns, lifts, and dips. Today it has been developed into a very dynamic dance adding a new flavor of movement to the floorcraft.

3:00p-3:30p Break

Part B
Class 3 Connection

This class will go over the 3 classic types of connection and touch on a 4th. It will help you to bring together you and your partner, and a whole new understanding of the dance.

Class 4 Connection Solo
This class will teach you fun and exciting solo movements to put into your partner dancing. It will also focus on blues skip ups, a fundamental in blues dancing.

Part A&B: $50 In Adv / $60 Day Of
Part B Only: $30 In Adv / $40 Day Of

Info / Registration: Call 212-244-0011 or for ONLINE go to:

Location: YSBD...! 412 8th ve, 4th flr NYC (212)244-0011