Time: 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Instructors: [You Should Be Dancing Instructors]

Event Information

Thursdays, Advanced Basic +
9:30-11PM class followed by 1/2hr Practica

We have students from Advanced beginners to Intermediate to Advanced in this Class, no matter what your level is you will benefit from it.

Wednesdays: Int.-Adv. Int (4 wks starting Nov 29)

We push things further on Wednesdays to challenge the students and the concepts, the idea is to get our students to think more and play more and find their own dance. We still go into technique of course and do lots of exercises but the vocabulary involves more advanced movements compared to Thursdays

*Wednesday students get half off for Tango Cafe and Thursday students get a Practica after the lesson

*** The sooner we know who is attending, the sooner we are able to customize the topic to the needs of our students. If you do NOT have a partner, Adam & Ciko can help find you a partner. BUT Contact them soooon!

Adam & Ciko encourage anyone who CAN ATTEND BOTH to do so to progress faster. Wednesdays and Thursdays complement each other. Thursdays we move slower and get into more details with basics of the dance and we stay to Practice after.

Pricing* :

If registered by Friday, November 24:
$135/person/series or $250/person for both Wednesday & Thursday series
Standard Pricing: $150/person/series

For Registration:
Call 212-244-0011 or Click here for online registration.