Class Schedule for July 2018

There are NO Group Classes this week, the wk of Jul 2. Private Lesson Sale and Special wkshops will be held! WE ARE CLOSED ON 7/4...HAPPY 4th of July!!! NEW Classes start Mon, Jul 9.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:30 pmSwing/Lindy (Level 2) Advanced Basic [AB] 8:30 pmSwing Beginner Patterns & Footwork w/ Paolo [BA] 6:30 pmIntro to Charleston [AB] 7:30 pmBeginner Swing (Level 1) [BA] Balboa Bal Swing & Shuffles Pre-Int to Intermediate [PI] Swing Advanced Basics (Level 2) [AB] 8:30 pmBalboa Foundations Beginner to Adv- Basic [BA] Advanced Balboa [AV] Swing/Lindy (Intro to 8ct) (Level 3) [PI] 9:30 pmFREE Swing/Lindy Practice [BA] Weekly Balboa Practice with Lainey Silver [BA] 6:30 pmBeginner Swing w/ YSBD...! (Level 1) [BA] Swing/Lindy Charleston & 8ct Patterns (lvl 3+) [PI] 7:30 pmSwing Advanced Basics (level 2) [AB] Lindy Hop/ Winning Combos & Classic Moves (Lvl 4) [IN] 8:30 pmLindy Hop (Intro to 8 Count) (level 3) [PI] 9:00 pmFrim Fram Weekly Swing Jam [BA]